Flooring Services In Hutchinson, KS

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Schedule an In-Home Measure

Schedule a convenient in-home measurement appointment to accurately assess your space and ensure precise flooring installation.

Hardwood Restoration

Renew the beauty of your hardwood floors with our professional restoration services, including sanding, refinishing, and repairs.

Hardwood restoration | F & A Flooring
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Carpet Binding

Create the perfect rug for your space, adding both style and functionality, with our carpet binding services.

Hardwood Resurfacing

Revitalize worn or damaged hardwood floors with our resurfacing solutions, leaving them looking like new again.

Carpenter staining a hardwood floor | F & A Flooring
Carpet cleaning | F & A Flooring

Cleaning Supplies

We carry a range of high-quality cleaning supplies to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your floors between professional cleanings.

Visualize your floors

With our state-of-the-art room visualization technology, you can see our products in your home before you buy. Simply snap a photo, select your product, and watch your room transform before your very eyes. Leave nothing to the imagination; try our room visualization tool today.

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