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About F & A Flooring

At F & A Flooring, we're a family-owned business deeply rooted in our local community. Owners Forrest and Amber Boisse are the heart and soul behind our company, committed to providing top-quality flooring solutions to homes and businesses in the Hutchinson, KS area. Our story began with the retirement of Ron Thomas, the previous owner of Thomas Flooring. Presented with the opportunity to continue the legacy, Forrest and Amber seized the chance, and F & A Flooring was born. With Forrest's expertise as a licensed contractor and Amber's dedication to customer satisfaction, we deliver exceptional service and superior products. We believe in hands-on customer care, personally handling in-home measurements and ensuring a seamless flooring experience from start to finish. Alongside running the business, the Boisses are dedicated to raising their three sons.

Meet Our Team

Carla Stucky
Carla Stucky, Amber's mother and grandmother, manages our residential division and showroom. With a passion for design, she helps customers find the perfect products and creates a welcoming atmosphere in our store. Carla balances her role at work with being a devoted mom and grandmother.

Lonnie Morgan
Our commercial manager, Lonnie Morgan, brings expertise and energy from his previous experience in a well-known commercial flooring company. He handles all aspects of our commercial projects, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional results for our clients.

Join us at F & A Flooring, where quality, community, and customer create beautiful spaces and lasting relationships.

Visualize Your Floors

With our state-of-the-art room visualization technology, you can see our products in your home before you buy. Simply snap a photo, select your product, and watch your room transform before your very eyes.  Leave nothing to the imagination; try our room visualization tool today.

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